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Paga is Safe and Secure

At Paga, confidentiality and security are top priorities. We are regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and are compliant with all their regulator policies and the policies of all other relevant regulatory bodies.

To ensure that our solution is secure, we have implemented multiple layers of security in order to protect our systems and most importantly, your account and personal details. Paga is designed with state-of-the-art security features, which include anti-money laundering and fraud prevention.

Your Paga account is associated with your mobile phone number, but your money is not " on your phone " . Even if your mobile phone handset is lost or stolen, nobody can access money in your Paga account without your authorization. With Paga, you are always in control of your cash.

Here are the extra measures we have in place to ensure your money is always safe:

Personal Identification Number (PIN)

On Paga, you create your PIN and it is known only to you. All transactions that are processed on Paga must be authorised by your PIN entry. For all SMS transactions, we initiate an automated call to you for PIN authorisation. Online transactions are not processed until you enter your PIN via virtual keypad. We will never ask you to verbally confirm your PIN over the phone or any other channel. To reduce the risk of an account breach, we ask that you do not share your PIN with anyone.

Username and Password

Online and mobile phone application users login with a username and password. On Paga, you create your username and password and this information is only known to you. To reduce the risk of an account breach, we ask that you do not share your username or password with anyone.

Security Questions

When you activate your account online or using the mobile phone application, we require you to select and answer security questions. This information is only known to you. In the case that we detect a possible account breach or do not recognise the device you are logging in from, we will ask you to answer the security questions you selected in order to verify your identity. For online access, we have also added an extra feature called the ID phrase. This phrase is created by you when you register for online access. Please look out for this phrase. It will always appear when you log into your Paga account online. If there is any instance when the phrase does not appear, please do not provide any further information on your account. Immediately leave the site and report the details to Paga at or call our customer service line on 0700-000-PAGA (0700-000-7242).

Access to data

All sensitive data such as customer PINs and passwords are stored in encrypted format throughout our systems and databases. We also protect our systems and your data form external access by using multiple levels of firewalls.

Paga staff and customer service representatives cannot access your data without system authorisation. They do not have access to customer PINs or passwords and will never ask you to provide this information.

Your bank account details are not available to anyone at Paga. All customer bank account information is communicated between the banks and Paga via secure channels and using sophisticated data encryptions. Only the last four digits of any bank account number are visible to Paga staff and customer service representatives that are authorised to view this information.