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Lagos, Nigeria −Today, Paga Nigeria's #1 mobile payment service announced its partnership with Nigeria's largest online retailer, Jumia.

Paga will partner with Jumia to provide alternative payment options to the over 500,000 customers currently using Jumia's e-commerce platform and the almost 1 million customers who already use Paga. Paga will allow consumers to transact without having to enter sensitive information, like card details when making purchases. Customers can simply click on the "Pay with Paga" button on the Jumia website to pay for purchases up to ₦200, 000.00 in value from their Paga account at no additional cost.

In an innovative new approach towards e-commerce payments, customers can now also shop and pay for their purchases via their mobile phones using Paga's "SMS-to-Order" product.

Commenting on the partnership, Paga's co-founder, Jay Alabraba said:

" We're very excited to welcome Jumia to the Paga family. The primary focus of this collaboration is to bring even greater convenience to the customer. By partnering with Paga to create more accessible payment channels, Jumia is further opening up the e-commerce space to all consumers, irrespective of whether they have access to a debit card or not. Along with our e-payment channels, the impact of being able to shop via SMS is extremely significant to the vast number of consumers who do not have constant access to the Internet"

Paga currently has 800+ businesses registered or in the process of integrating to use the platform to collect payments. Since receiving it's full operational license from CBN in August 2011, Paga now has almost 1 million customers using its service to pay merchants, send money, pay bills and buy airtime online; via their mobile phones, internet enabled devices, or through the companies over 3,500 strong agent network in 150 towns and cities across 25 states nationwide.

Jumia co-managing director, Tunde Kehinde, said on the partnership:

"It's been an amazing year for Jumia. As we recently celebrated our 1st anniversary, over half a million people nationwide have already experienced our unique service offering, the convenience that our platform has to offer; and we are excited to be recognised as Nigeria's #1 online retailer. By working with like minded companies such as Paga, who are also focused on making e-commerce accessible to as many people as possible; we will continue to pioneer the Nigerian retail market; delivering smiles nationwide and beyond."

Additionally Paga founder and CEO, Tayo Oviosu said:

"Paga is the #1 way to pay anyone, anywhere in Nigeria. We are working with both online and off-line retailers to offer the Nigerian consumer easy, secure and most importantly free payment options, irrespective of them being banked or not. Paga is agnostic to the consumer's payment choice and we currently have over 800 merchants who are integrating Paga to accept payments from debit cards and of course from cash in Paga accounts. Our partnership with Jumia only highlights our commitment towards developing effective payment solutions geared towards strengthening commerce and developing the country's economy."

As Nigeria's retail market begins expand, Paga with its one-stop payment solution, is well positioned to help retailers nationwide reach global standards. Paga is the clear leader in mobile payments. With 10 transactions processed each minute, the company is the fastest growing mobile payments service in Nigeria.