Paga - Send Money, Pay Bills, Receive Payments - Easy, Quick and Secure


Lagos, Nigeria −Paga, the market leader in mobile payments and branchless financial services today announced its latest service offering towards providing Nigerians with access to their cash anywhere, anytime − 'Deposit to Bank'.

'Deposit to Bank' addresses the needs of today's fast paced society by eliminating the stress of bank queues and visits to multiple banks to make payments to different accounts. By acting as a multi−bank teller, the feature allows registered Paga users to send money to any bank account, anywhere in the country in real time. Speaking on the availability of the service to all user types, Paga Co−Founder, Jay Alabraba said:

"The beauty of Paga is that all our services are available to customers through our agent network, no matter if the customer is registered or not. With over 3,500 Paga agent outlets nationwide now offering 'Deposit to Bank' services, we are essentially bringing the bank to the customer's doorstep. Our agents can now operate as tellers for multiple banks, sending deposits to any bank account in the country and have that account credited instantly. By providing essential financial services through our nationwide agent network, we are bringing convenience to every neighbourhood and the benefits to the customer are massive."

Commenting on the company's latest service offering, Paga founder and CEO, Tayo Oviosu said:

"'Deposit to Bank' is yet another innovation from Paga, which will further cement us as the #1 mobile payments company in Nigeria.
In 2013 alone, we have processed over 2.4 million transactions worth over N26.8 billion. Every minute 10 people transact on Paga to send money, pay bills, buy airtime and pay merchants. Our 850,000+ customers appreciate the convenience of Paga, and 'Deposit to Bank' is another example.

This new service is the cheapest and most convenient way to send money whether you use an online banking platform or walk into a bank. Customers no longer need to queue for hours in a bank. They can simply go to a Paga agent or online to fund their account with a debit card for free and send money to any bank account instantly for as little as ₦50! I am very excited about this service and the additional convenience we are bringing to our customers."

Since receiving its full operational license from CBN in August 2011, this indigenous and innovative start up has developed a reputation for creating services that offer measurable benefits to its customers. With 'Deposit to Bank' Paga continues to push boundaries to provide Nigerians with secure, fast and easy access to their cash.