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FT: Nigeria Telecoms: Mobiles may be future of banking

As part of the Financial Times "Nigeria at 50" series, the Telecoms report focuses on how mobiles may be the future of banking in Nigeria. They feature Pagatech in the report.

You can read it here

The last paragraph, which refers to Pagatech's founders inspiration, tells the story of why we believe we can truly reach the uneducated and the base of the pyramid:

Pagatech's Mr Oviosu was partly inspired by a text message he received from his guard. “The message read: ‘oga pillis tel yafurn tukom amuf yka’. He was asking me to ask my friend to move her car. It was then I understood: if we could communicate like this, then he could use his phone to send money.”

Its great to see the FT focus on mobile banking and the potential impact it can have in Nigeria!