Get paid while serving your community

Earn money anytime you carry out any of these transactions for your customers

Account Opening

Create Paga accounts for your customers and earn commissions from them for life!

Cash Deposit

Deposit money for your customers into any Paga or bank account

Cash Withdrawals

Help customers withdraw money from their Paga or bank account

Bill Payments

Enable your customers pay their electricity, water, DStv, Lagos State Government bills and more

Airtime & Data

Virtually top-up any phone number with airtime or data

Send Money

Transfer money into any bank account or Paga wallet

Business Capital Support

Our emergency float service allows you to keep transacting even when you don't have funds in your account

Agent Virtual Services

Earn commissions from your customers for life! See how they are transacting and encourage them to do more so you can earn

Join our network of over 27,000 agents and start enjoying:

Transparent Commission and Bonus Payout

What you earn is what you get. No hidden fees or charges! High performance will always be rewarded with bonuses

Profit Sharing and Low Transaction Fees

Your profits are our top priority. We keep our fees low to help you stay competitive in your area

Business Capital Support

Never stop transacting and earning even when you don't have funds in your account. High performing Agents will be supported with emergency funds.

24/7 Customer Support

Our team is always available to support to ensure smooth business operations

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